Tuesday, January 3, 2006


A few posts ago I mentioned the girl Carr whom I met at a club and who gave me her phone number.

I thought Carr had decided that she wasn't interested in me, but she left a message on my voicemail today asking me to call her at work tomorrow, and she left her work phone number. Cool. Maybe, because it was so dark in the club and she was drunk, she doesn't realize what a loser I am.

I find it difficult to remember much about Carr, except that she was short and thin and had dark less-than-shoulder length hair and pale skin. And she was wearing lavender nail polish. She's not the type I get the hots for, but beggars can't be choosers, and also some men would like her, so people who see us together wouldn't think I'm settling for her because I'm desperate, which would be the case with certain other girl's I've dated in the past few months.

Certain commenters who think I am fixated on looks (and maybe I am) will criticize me for not talking about her personality. Well, to tell you the truth, I know very little about her personality. I mean, how much of a person's personality can you really glean from fifteen minutes of conversation in a noisy club? But I'm certain that she's way cooler than either Yoko or Rana.

I do remember that Carr's girl friend's brother-in-law was the former CEO of the company I work for. This means that her friend's sister is filthy rich. (I looked on the internet to see how many shares of stock he used to own, and he had a golden parachute too. Holy!)

Is it weird that she wants me to call her at work? I have no privacy where I work. The guys next to me will overhear my whole conversation. This might be a good thing; they'll get the false impression that I'm a cool guy who meets girls at clubs and I'm not some loser virgin like I really am.

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