Monday, December 26, 2005

Two hot Asian girls feel each others' legs

After the movie and before dinner, we go into this empty bar (it was 5:15 PM on a Monday that's a holiday, no one's around) and we had gin & tonics (but Yoko hardly touched hers, she's not much of a drinker, she just likes to order stuff).

Anyway, the bartender is this Asian girl wearing a very tight t-shirt which shows off her hot body. Why do all these Asian girls all of a sudden have hot bodies? She even had a better body than Yoko. And she had this big tattoo all over her left arm.

In a comment last time, someone got mad at me for calling "women" "girls." Well the bartender's t-shirt read "Everybody loves an Asian girl." If her t-shirt says she's a "girl," who am I to call her anything else?

So Julie, the Asian girl bartender with the tattoo and the hot body starts talking to us, and first she's asking me a whole bunch of questions about what I do, which was weird, it was almost like she was hitting on me. And then Julie recommends various places for us to go, such as expensive lounges and Broadway musicals (those Asian girls sure know how to spend their boyfriends' money)

Then Yoko and Julie start chatting about skin care and complimenting each other's looks and discussing their workout regimens. And they also both agreed that white women were ugly compared to Asians. Wow, they're both racist!

It ended with the two of them feeling each other's calf muscles to see who had the more muscular legs. It was almost lesbian-like. This was well worth the cost of a movie and dinner and drinks and two cab rides. Good thing I didn't listen to the advice of people who said I should dump Yoko because she's spoiled. Then I would have spent all day alone playing video games instead of watching two hot Asian girls feeling each others' legs.

In other dating news, I met a girl at a club, her name is Carr (what kind of weird name is Carr?) and I think she's too skinny, but besides that it's hard to remember what she looked like because it was dark. I'm going to call her because it's cool that a girl at a club would give me her phone number, even though she was drunk when she gave it to me. I think it's much more manly and non-virgin-like to meet a girl at a club than to meet a girl on the internet.

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