Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Wednesday update

(1) I discovered that someone wrote a very long post about my blog, and one in which I'm not insulted, which is nice. In fact, the author truly demonstrates her understanding of the problems faced by male virgins. At one point she compares it to being afraid to fly on planes, which is a comparison that I myself have been meaning to write about.

(2) Jane snagged us tickets to a Broadway show. Wasn't that nice of her? Being friends with Jane has benefits. And I don't mean sexual benefits, which based upon my problems getting it up is a benefit I have no more use for than a blind man needs free DVD rentals from Blockbuster.

(3) My last post has a lot of nasty comments because I mentioned that Jane has some extra weight on her. Sorry, but my blog contains observations, and weight is a socially important trait. Women care about it more than men do. Women seem to have a pecking order amongst themselves in which the skinniest woman is at the top of the pecking order. Men don't even like anorexic looking women. The anorexic looking woman at the top of the female pecking order is a big turn-off to most men. Boy is it hypocritical for women to criticize me for noticing if someone weighs a lot when all women do is obsess over how much they weigh and go on diets.

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