Thursday, December 1, 2005

Second date with Jane

I haven't written about any recent dates since I broke up with Rana. But my date tonight with Jane was much better than any of my other recent dates (and by recent I mean within the last year).

My first date with Jane was two weeks ago, and it was a really cheap date where I only had to buy her a cup of coffee at Starbucks (although Starbucks in Manhattan is awfully overpriced). Then she went away to Seattle for Thanksgiving so I didn't see her for two weeks.

Jane is great to talk to. Every other date I go on, I feel like I have to make an effort to converse, but Jane is just fun and easy. Maybe it helps a little that we both went to the same college. I don't know if we just happen to click or if Jane is a naturally chatty person and everyone feels this way about her.

And Jane is really cute. She looks like Meg Ryan, but with an extra sixty pounds. Yeah, I figure Meg Ryan weighs about a hundred and Jane weighs in at around 160 and 5'7". But she has a really pretty face and gorgeous blonde hair. I wonder if the men around New York see her attractive looks, or maybe they are turned off because she's not skinny? I don't know. Rana was skinny but she was ugly. Jane is adorable and zaftig. Jenny, my first and only (unrequited) love weighed 150. Jenny was also a blue eyed blonde.

Jane seems to like me. Am I special, or does she just have some kind of weird taste for nerdy virginal guys? Or does she have trouble finding dates because she weighs too much? When we parted, she said something about wanting to see me again, and she had me give her a second kiss. Surely she wouldn't encourage me like that if she didn't want to see me again? Maybe I was supposed to do more than just give her a quick kiss? Maybe I was supposed to invite her back to my place so we could have hot and heavy sex? (Although we know that probably wouldn't work out so well.)

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