Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More about Yoko

I've been writing about Yoko, the spoiled Japanese girl whom the people who leave comments on my blog love to hate. Most of the anti-Yoko comments are pretty accurate. The girl has no real redeeming personality traits. She can't walk 3/4 of a mile to the movie theater. She orders drinks even though she has no intention of actually drinking them. She doesn't seem to contribute anything to the economy of either the United States or Japan. She hasn't worked at a job except at her parents' retail "boutique." She has horrid tastes in movies. She'll only watch romantic comedies or true stories.

Some readers take exception to the word "girl," but in no way does Yoko act with the maturity of a woman. Part of this is cultural. Japanese "women" try to act immature and girlish. The Japanese have word for it, it's called "kawaii," which translates roughly as "cute."

Occasionally she says something interesting. Like at the bar where she was chatting with Julie the Asian bartender, she said that white women ruin their skin by sunbathing, and that's why white women in their thirties look old. Damn, she nailed that one! White women who are reading this, get the hell out of the sun now if you plan on still being single in your thirties.

I'm not into Asian girls, but compared to the way other Asian girls look she's in the top 20%, maybe even better than that. Her teeth are slightly lacking but I've seen a heck of a lot worse in Asian girls who aren't known for their good teeth.

For some weird reason, it turns me on that someone shallow and superficial like Yoko wants to hang out with me. I wish a shallow and superficial white girl from America in the top 20% lookswise would be interested in me.

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