Friday, December 23, 2005

Will be seeing Yoko again

Afternoon movie and early dinner on Monday. Her spoiledness is unable to walk 3/4 of a mile to the movie theater because she has to wear high heels so that's going to be an extra $12 or so in cab fare.

How did Yoko get to be so spoiled? I think her parents might be pretty well off. Yoko travels around the world and doesn't seem to have any sort of career.

The people who comment on my blog don't like Yoko. They think it's not fair that she gets to make me do all this stuff for her just because my penis likes her. Well life hasn't been fair to me either.

I am going to give my penis the benefit of the doubt here. It's his turn to stand up for himself.

Anyway, I'm not sure she's that much different in her expectations from all the American women in Manhattan. She's just more honest in telling me what she expects.

There are important cultural differences between the U.S. and Japan. Japanese people are less sexually active than Americans. They don't start dating until after they graduate from high school. Japanese people are shy and less aggressive compared to Americans. I think that Yoko is turned off by the fowardness of American society.

Japanese aren't into feminism the way American women are. They still believe in differentiated gender roles. Her blatant high maintenance behavior is probably more acceptable in Japan than it is here.

For a long time I've noticed that Asian girls seem to like me better than American girls. Asians value intelligence and politeness (which is me), while American women are more into extroverted men who look like Brad Pitt.

Asigan girls like skinny guys (me) while American girls like big musclebound guys (not me).

Knowing this increases my self confidence around Yoko because she probably likes me because I'm at the top of her most desirable list, and not because she's just desperate to go out with anyone on account of being in her mid thirties and all the really desirable men are married or going out with twenty-something girls. Did I mention that Yoko is about a decade younger than me?

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