Sunday, January 29, 2006

Asian white interracial couples

As I walked around Manhattan today I observed all the mixed race couples. It seemed like for every couple in which there was an Asian woman with an Asian man there was another couple where the Asian woman was with a white man. But I saw no couples where the man was Asian and the woman was white.

The absence of the latter type of interracial couple is easy to explain. Once I was hanging out at a bar with these two older divorced white women whom I knew (they were only one or two years older than me and that was several years ago so they were in their mid thirties), and one of them said something like "I could go for a black guy." I couldn't resist the temptation to ask, "what about an Asian guy?" In response they both laughed derisively at the suggestion. I felt sorry for the poor Asian men who were so contemptible to them.

But white men don't have contempt for Asian women. The only unanswered question is whether there are a lot of white men with Asian fetishes, or if white men are settling for Asian women because no white women are interested in them. It's very common in these Asian female/white male couples for the guy to be sort of nerdy looking. The sort of guy that white women aren't interested in. Like me.

Asian girls, on the other hand, might actually like the somewhat geeky white guy. Unlike the typical white woman who is just seeking a casual fling with an alpha male, Asian women are more likely to be seeking boyfriends who would be good husband material: a smart guy who is interesting to talk to, has a decent career, and who would make a good father. This is probably cultural. Asian women born in the U.S. whose parents were also born here probably act just like typical white women, but on the other hand one should never discard the possibility that there are some genetically based behavioral differences.

But this doesn't explain why Asian women would go after geeky white guys when there are so many Asian guys who need a girlfriend. The Japanese girl I dated a few years ago (I should probably write a post about that) told me that she was only interested in white men. And she really seemed to like me. She said she never met anyone as smart as me and that's what she wanted in a guy. It should have been really good for my ego, but I think the message I got was that only Asian girls might be interested in me as a boyfriend. It sure is a shame that white women don't get hot for intelligent men they way Asian women do.

I got a good look at one of the Asian/white couples I saw today. The guy had curly red hair and wire frame glasses, looked slightly overweight and out of shape, definitely a nerdy looking guy. His Asian girlfriend/wife was short and had a bad complexion and was not attractive at all. I thought "ha, the Chinese girl I'm going out with this week is way hotter than this guy's girlfriend/wife and she probably makes three times as much money as her too!" I felt like the Big Alpha Male among the nerdy guys who date Asian girls. It felt good to feel manly like that.


Yes, she called me back and I'm taking her to a second tier sushi place for an after work date. Second tier in Manhattan means not first tier like Nobu or Asia de Cuba. Zagat says the restaurant we are going to has a "hopping sushi scene," whatever that means. I hope the sushis don't hop off the tray before I can eat them.


She called me back too, and she left a message, but she said she's going to be somewhere tonight. It's cool that two girls, neither of whom are fat or butch or otherwise disgusting (although Carr could do with gaining some weight) want to see me again.

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