Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday, January 23 update


I saw Carr again tonight. I like her very much. Tonight was our second date. I apologize for using such a trite adjective to describe her, but she's just really cool. She seems to like me too. She let me know that she wants to see me again, and I'm sure she was sincere about it and not just being polite.

But she scares me because I think she's the kind of girl who would have sex on a third date, and we know how scary that is. At least we know how scary that is for me.

And also, she's not the type of girl who I get a hard-on for. I am going to stop masturbating; hopefully this will make me horny and cause me to get a hard-on for every girl.

As a long term relationship, the problem I have with her is that she's very religious and I'm not.

I like her too much to not see her again. I really want to see her again.


I previously wrote:
Normally when I like a girl as much as I like Lisa, she doesn't want to see me again. This is not a self deprecating comment, it's an unfortunate observation.
That turned out to be an accurate prediction.


She sent me an email today and then she left a message on my voicemail. I wasn't expecting that. I guess she must like me. It feels good to be liked. It almost makes me want to do something stupid, like call her back.


I never mentioned Kelly before. She is a Chinese-American girl who moved to this country when she was a teenager. I don't know anything else about her because I haven't spoken to her on the phone yet. Yes, I met her via the same online dating website as I met Yoko.

Unlike Yoko, Kelly has multiple graduate degrees and a better career than I have (which is kind of intimidating).

For some weird reason, these Asian girls seem to like me. Well, it's not that weird because I explained it in previous posts, but people get pissed at my explanations for unknown reasons.

In contrast, I contacted thirty-eight white girls via the online dating service and I got the one date with Lisa who doesn't want to see me again.


I read all the comments because they automatically get emailed to my special "virgin" email account. But if I responded to a lot of them I'd probably get all pissed off and this would create negative karma that would be bad for the blog

I've considered turning off the anonymous comments. Of course, people could still anonymously create an account at Blogger with a pseudonym, but this tiny extra hurdle might cause the quality of comments to increase a bit.

Blogger lets you type in a pseudonym with your comment without registering; I at least wish people would use that feature.

There were some constructive comments to my hair stylist post in which people suggested that I ask her out. She has a two year old daughter, but she never mentions a husband and she doesn't wear what I can identify as a wedding ring or engagement ring so I don't know what the deal is there. However I am pretty sure that I'm not her type, and also she would rather keep me as a client, because after a date it would be awkward and I'd have to find another hair stylist.

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