Thursday, January 26, 2006


***Warning*** This post contains physical descriptions of how Kelly looks because I think that this is important to understanding people's behavior. Don't give me shit about this in the comments.

I asked her to go to the same bar as I went the first time I met Carr. Unfortunately, this time the bar was all crowded and there was no place to sit so we had to stand and talk to each other. Kelly never heard of the place, which is weird, the bar is attached to a pretty expensive restaurant.

Kelly is cute. Her face is really wide, which isn't that attractive, but otherwise she had cute black hair and unlike most Asian girls who are short and skinny, Kelly is tall and has what seemed like (under her clothing) a nicely shaped body with big breasts for a Chinese girl. She's thin but not too skinny (like Carr). Kelly won't be mistaken for a model but she's cute.

She seems pretty shy. Whenever I gave her a compliment she acted all embarrassed about it, which had the effect of encouraging me to keep doing it. I defintely seemed to engage in more flirting behavior with her than my previous first dates. Whether this is because of her shy demeanor, because she's tall and has what seems like a nice figure, or because I haven't masturbated since Sunday and I'm starting to get a little hornier, I don't know.

I didn't see any evidence of her making a lot of money at her job. She lives in a studio on the UES which sounds like it's smaller than mine, and she said she doesn't go to the Hamptons and she doesn't like to shop and she walks places instead of taking cabs. All she ordered was a club soda because she doesn't like to drink. This is sort of too bad because girls who don't drink usually aren't much fun. Carr is fun because she drinks, and because Carr is so small and skinny she doesn't need to drink a lot to feel the effects of the alcohol.

Anyway there's nothing about Kelly to fully explain why she has trouble meeting men. Surely there's some Chinese guy who'd love to go out with her? Or maybe Chinese guys only like tiny short girls, and maybe white men with Asian fetishes also like their Asian women tiny?

Kelly is definitely someone I want to see again.


I called her tonight because it has been three days and I am supposed to call her otherwise I'm not playing by the rules correctly and she would get mad at me. I left a message on her voicemail. She seldom actually answers her phone. She seems to go out just about every night except on the night of her weekly religious observance.

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