Sunday, January 8, 2006


I was just writing about internet dating in the last post, and then what happens? A woman sends me an unsolicited email via the internet dating service that I belong to. I guess it's not true that all women only want men who look like models. It just applies to most women.

I already spoke to Catherine on the phone (why not Cathy?) and I'm going to meet her for drinks after work on Wednesday. We live in the same neighborhood and she went graduate school where I went to undergraduate school.

I have to emphasize how weird it is that a woman would contact me first on an internet dating services. The last two times were Rana and Yoko and neither of those worked out so well. Catherine seems better. She was born in the United States, a big plus in my book. She's low maintenance (she lives in a non-doorman building making her lower maintenance than me!), and she's not ugly (she's average looking as far as I can tell from her photos). So what's the catch? If I never write anything in the blog again after Tuesday, the catch is that she's a crazy serial killer who meets men online and then kills them.

Carr update: still haven't spoken to her yet but I left her another message.

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