Sunday, January 8, 2006

Women only want men who look like models

In a review of Yahoo Personals, Rick writes the following:

I was one this site for 2 months and sent out 100 introduction letters. I got 1 reply from a stripper, now I have dated strippers in my youth, but I am looking for something more now. So I tried an experiment. I changed my photo for that of a model about my age, and changed nothing else. Then I sent the exact introduction letters to the same 100 women. Amazinglt I had an 85% return, don't figure.
On the one hand, someone might say "duh!" But the problem here is that women like to claim some sort of moral superiority in the dating game. They will have you believe that men care about nothing but looks, but women are into the deep qualities like intelligence, commitment, and niceness (whatever that means). But the moral superiority is false; women are just as superficial as men.
In fact, I am sure that there are a lot of "nice guys" out there (recall that the majority of men are "nice guys") who would like to date an average looking woman, but those same women are holding out for an alpha-male type. This is why there are so many unmarried people in their thirties.

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