Friday, January 13, 2006


Lisa is so sweet and pretty.

But she's not what would conventionally be called "hot" or "sexy," and she's ever so slightly overweight (which looks cute on her), and there is even a slight dorkiness about her, and all this is good because maybe she's not asked out by men 24/7 so I have a chance with her.

Normally when I like a girl as much as I like Lisa, she doesn't want to see me again. This is not a self deprecating comment, it's an unfortunate observation.

Carr was still more fun but Carr is just a unique individual. For all I know, Carr doesn't want to see me again either.

And Catherine: she just looks too butch, and Carr and Lisa both have better personalities to boot (even though they are both vastly different). The only thing Catherine has going for her is if I ever buy an old coop or condo, Catherine could install new bathroom fixtures for me.

There's lots of other stuff I want to blog about, like somatypes and Bama Girl's bad date, and there are several comments I'd like to respond to, so hopefully I'll be motivated to put up more posts this weekend.

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