Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bama Girl's bad date

This post is about Bama Girl's bad date. I don't wish to write negatively of someone who liked my blog enough to link to it in her blogroll. Her bad date post is not at all atypical, the blogosphere is full of girls who write posts where they pile insults onto the men who had the gall to pay for their evening. And this is pretty typical of the conversations I overhear when I'm with women. So I'm just using Bama Girl's post because I happened to read it a few days ago and I'm using it to illustrate a point.

So anyway, let us examine Bama Girl's post:
I agreed to go out with him because he seemed nice and I had no date for Valentines as of yet, so why not. Wow would I regret that decision.
I don't think that I've ever written on this blog that I "regretted" any dates I've been on, and I'm the one who has been paying for them.
He took me to a mediocre restaurant in a terrible location, Patsy's at 59th and Lex. Yeah, that one. Don't get me wrong, its nice, but not first date nice.
I think that Bama Girl is referring to this place which is across the street from the California Pizza Kitchen. The most expensive thing on the menu is only $14.95, so this seems primarily a complaint that he didn't spend enough money. If you are also observant, you will note that, as typical of all NYC Italian restuarants, everything is ala carte, so for a meal where both people order a salad, a desert, and one drink, the bill at this "cheap" restaurant with 8.625% sales tax and tip can still top $80.

There is seemingly no correlation between the price of food and how good it tastes. The place where I took Lisa had more expensive dishes on the menu, but the food actually sucked.
1. While he did attend Law School, he failed the bar three times. Idiot.
Lisa failed the bar exam, but did you see me say she was an idiot, or even mention this as any sort of significant factor? No.

Also, I'm sure that if the late John F Kennedy, Jr. (who also failed the bar exam several times) had been her date, she wouldn't have been compaining about this.

I would understand how this might be a problem if Bama Girl had graduated from Yale Law School and was editor of the Law Review, but I don't see any evidence in her blog that she is a brilliant scholar. (Of course she might be and she just chooses not to write about this aspect of herself.)
2. His mom lives in a trailer in Jersey and she is a chain smoker. Gross on so many levels.
People can't help who their parents are. How did the chain smoking and the trailer come up in conversation? It's not clear, but I've noticed that when I'm on dates, girls often ask me about my parents. I'm assuming that Bama Girl asked some questions about his parents and her date answered honestly.

In fact, I think that her date deserves a lot of respect for being able to rise above his trailer park background and graduate from law school. It's easy for some kid with rich parents to graduate from law school, but not so easy for a guy like her date.
3. He lives in Jersey and plans to live there for a long time. Words cannot explain.
This is why I pay $2000+ a month to live in Manhattan. If I lived elsewhere I'd be doomed to remain a virgin for the rest of my life.

Once again, this seems to be a money issue. Anyone who can't afford to live in Manhattan isn't good enough for Bama Girl.

Maybe her date has enough money to afford Manhattan, but he chooses to be financially responsible and he saves his money so in the future he will have savings to buy a house, raise children, and eventually retire. God forbid that a man doesn't blow 100% of his salary trying to impress women!
4. He bought tickets to Rent because he was able to get a discount through the company. Cheap and proud of it.
Considering that full price orchestra seats to Rent cost $95 per ticket, not including service charges, it's hard to fault her date for going a less expensive route.

I previously wrote in my blog about how Jane got free tickets to a play, and instead of being outraged about how cheap she was, I really appreciated her efforts.
After Rent, he took me home by subway. Which is fine, I don't mind that,
Actually she does seem to mind it. Once again, her date is criticized for not spending enough money.
dumb fuck
I've never said that about any of my dates.

Once again, my intent isn't to pick apart Bama Girl who is a typical girl who lives in Manhattan, I'm just pointing out the incredibly hypocritical double standard in which a small group of bitter women surf the web looking to get pissed about something, and they seem to get pissed about my blog and leave me nasty comments. There are no nasty comments on Bama Girl's blog even though she's a lot meaner than I am. This is the double standard.

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