Sunday, February 26, 2006

Women are spendthrifts

Here's an article that says something that men know but women don't seem to realize: women are spendthrifts.
Hayden says the shop-'til-you-drop syndrome is more than a harmless female pastime; it also deprives woman of the opportunity to grow money through investing. In their 20s and 30s, when their male counterparts are buying homes and investing in mutual funds, many women are spending on clothes, cars and decorating the apartment.
Unfortunately, the article also contains a lot of psychobabble.


Here's an excerpt from an email I received from a British woman. I hope she won't mind me sharing it.
What is with paying for all the dates? Is this a NYC thing or an American thing? I live in the UK and across here it works the other way round - you each pay for yourself the first few dates. If it goes further and you start dating properly, then he might treat you to a few drinks or dinner,but it seems crazy for one member of the couple to have to pay for everything at the start when you don't know if you're ever going to get a return on your investment!
NYC women seem greedier than then in the rest of the country, but all over the U.S. women expect men to pay. Also, as women get older, the expectation of getting free stuff from men increases.

Outside of NYC women usually offer to pay (but if the man accepts the offer he's considered a cheapskate), however in NYC women rarely offer, and often they don't even say "thank you."


Someone speculated in a comment that I was no longer a virgin. Unfortunately I'm still a virgin. I haven't had anything write about, and the be honest, I'm mentally tired from being insulted (almost entirely by female commenters) with every post I write, so I was taking a break.

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