Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Too personal?

In response to my last post about my investments increasing in value by $38,800, sugarpunk wrote:
to me that is a HUGELY personal question and/or answer to put on a blog..

I wrote about being a virgin and masturbating and sexual dysfunction, and that's not too personal, but somehow this is?

The blog is anonymous and I can write about whatever I want. How much money I made in the market is probably the least personal thing I've written here. It's the only thing in this blog I wouldn't be ashamed to tell my mother.


The girls I met though non-internet sources, Carr, Shannon and Alicia, aren't panning out. Shannon didn't return my phone call, and I tried again, but that's it. She knows how to use a telephone and if she doesn't want to call me back after two dialing attempts, then she's not worth the trouble.

One commenter said that the more dates I go on the better off I am, and although it's hard to tell the good advice from all the crap advice I get, this sort of sounds reasonable.

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