Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Shannon, first date

Shannon is one of those IJC girls that the IJC Blogger writes about. She's short (I said she sounded short!) and slightly on the heavyset side, and she chose an expensive place to eat and happily accepted a free $70 evening with no offer to chip in. (And I'm still hungry, I might have to go eat a snack after I finish this post.) I was disappointed to find out that she had medium brown hair and not reddish colored hair as I imagined.

Shannon is kind of cute, and she said I should call her after this weekend. A clear indication that she's interested in a second date. I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. No lip to lip contact.


None of my posts have garnered as many comments. Many of them angry. I attribute the angry comments to people having a big stick up their ass and looking to get pissed off about something.

It was a blind date I had a few years ago who taught me to Google my dates. When I met her she asked me, "is [name of website] your website?" She used Google to find my website. After that lesson I often would use the power of Google, as well as a few other useful websites, to research my dates.

And don't worry, I may be a virgin but I'm not stupid. I'm not going to tell Princess Alicia, "hey, I looked at a satellite photo of Rich Daddy's house."

Googling my dates is not preventing my from losing my virginity, but the two things may be related because not having a girlfriend gives me more time to surf the web and hone my web searching skills.

The other criticism has to do with me making fun of rich people. Hey, if you can't make fun of rich people, who can you make fun of? And really, it does annoy me that there are all these Princesses living in New York City who don't have to pay any rent because they have a Rich Daddy.

This also has nothing to do with me being a virgin. If anything, having too much respect for my date seems to lessen my success. I respected Kelly a lot because she came to this country at the age of fifteen barely knowing any English, and she obtained two graduate degrees and now has a great job. What good did respecting her do for me? It did crap. She said we have no chemistry.


This post at the Nice Guys Finish Last blog explains why I'm doomed never to to have a successful relationship or get married. He writes about his female friend's problem:
She met this "great guy" one of the first guys she's ever met that treats her with respect, kindness and the whole thing. They laugh all the time, have the same interests..they're perfect together (her words). There's just one problem. ...
The problem is that her great guy has a small penis and he sucks at sex, and because of that she's going to dump him. My penis is small and I will always suck at sex even if I lose my virginity. No one will ever want to be in a relationship with me. This whole dating thing is a big waste of time. I'm going to end up like Bob.

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