Saturday, February 11, 2006

After the traffic spike

I took down the post about Princess Alicia, not because there was a satellite photo of her dad's house (probably even if her dad looked at it he wouldn't recognize his own house from the air--and sorry, the view of your house from the air is no longer secret info, most of the U.S. is visible at, but because there was too much other specific information about her.

This was done in response to the big traffic spike, which I'm not sure I'm happy about for several reasons.

With the spike has come a surge in obnoxious comments in the nature of "you're a virgin because you're an asshole," which is ridiculous because we all know that men with much more serious personality flaws than myself (excepting my phobia of sexual intimacy and possible sexual dysfunction issues) have sex, and sometimes lots of it. Most men rightly suspect that being too nice results in less sex, not more.

Many of the comments are ridiculous. Some are pissed because my standards are too high and others are pissed because my standards are too low. Comments like these can't possibly be reconciled.

A lot of people are pissed because I notice how women look, as if 99% of men don't notice this. An innoccuous description of Shannon as "slightly heavyset" has some woman pissed at me because she thinks it means that any woman who isn't model skinny isn't good enough for me. And some guy wrote that she's too obese for me to have sex with.

Slightly heavyset means slightly heavier than the typical woman of her height, that's all it means. It was an observation and I never even said that I disliked her weight. I specifically wrote that she was "cute."

Someone was pissed because I observed that Jane had her teeth bleached. I don't get why that pisses someone off. Why would she go to the effort of bleaching them if she didn't want people to notice her perfectly white teeth?

Obviously the blog that some people want me to write would be totally devoid of anything interesting to read. If this blog pisses you off so much, then please do me a favor and stop reading it. But as I've previously observed, some people enjoy getting pissed off, and they surf the web with the intent of finding something to get pissed about. And then, ironically, these people say that *I* have a bad attitude. Ha ha.

What do I want? I just want to have a girlfriend, that's all, and I don't think that makes me a bad person for wanting that. Maybe it's simply not possible for someone who has been a virgin for nearly 40 years to achieve that. Once upon a time I had a problem with only wanting a super-hot girlfriend, and I think have gotten over that, but on the other hand my experience with Rana taught me that maybe I need to be a little more attracted to a girl than I was to Rana. I'm having trouble reconciling this myself.

I stand my by last post, I think it would be good for me to try to move foward with Shannon. If you really want to help me out with a comment, suggest a course of action for the next date with her that will put me in the right direction. I am also still in email contact with Carr and will probably see her again because she said she wants to and I like talking to her, and she also wants to go Dutch.

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