Sunday, February 5, 2006

Preview of the week ahead


I'm meeting her after work on Monday. She wants to buy me a drink to reciprocate for buying her dinner the last time. I like Carr, she's fun, she's not like those stuck up "spend money on me" IJC girls that the IJC blogger writes about. This will be the third time I've seen her, not including the night I met her at the club. Too bad she's such a religious fanatic. I hope she doesn't try to take me back to her apartment in the Village to have sex. On the other hand, maybe she'll take me back to her apartment to smoke pot. I wonder if that stuff relaxes you and makes sex easier?


She's the daughter of someone my mom is acquainted with. I'm seeing her Wednesday. She suggested a brand new trendy looking restuarant in our neighborhood. She's in her mid thirties. I have no idea what she looks like, but on the phone she sounds like a short redhead.


I have to call her ASAP, but not tonight. I was hoping that she might send me an email offering me encouragement, because I sent her an email on Friday that she never responded to. No such luck. Kelly's the one I really like.


Thank you Cameron for your good advice.


No, I don't have a date with them. But they sure did suck at the halftime show. Paul McCartney was ten times better last year.

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