Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yes, I'm really a virgin

Based upon reading some of the comments, people still seem to have hard time believing I'm a virgin. But I don't understand why it's hard to believe. Does everyone think it's so easy to get laid?

This speculation is actually downright mean, because it's dismissive of what's, for me, a very bad situation. Being a virgin isn't the same as being someone who has never been to Paris, easily fixed by booking a vacation. My virginity is a symptom of my social phobias involving women and physical intimacy. This fear prevents me from doing what it takes to establish a romantic relationship with a woman.

This is a big deal for me because I can never experience the joy of being in love with someone who loves me back, never have a normal life where I eventually get married and have children.

Why do people think I'd be faking it? One suggestion is that it's a prank I'm pulling just for fun. While I do find a sort of strange amusement that people are actually reading this, normally when people hear about a guy putting in so much effort to pull this sort of a prank, they often say "there's a guy who really needs to get laid." Yes, if I had a girlfriend I'd probably be too busy to blog.

The other suggested motivation for faking this blog is that it will help me get some sympathy sex from women who feel pity for my virginness. That's extremely unlikely to happen. Women don't want to have sex with virgins. That is part of the problem with being a virgin. And the older a woman is, the more she's turned off by the idea.

As the Modern Guy wrote:
For most males the opportunity to be the duke of defloration in a girl's life is the opportunity to leave his mark. It presents a unique challenge in which he is charged with the quest of penetrating her most powerful defense systems. This also creates a great deal of responsibility for the man in this situation; the pressure of being her first and (for a time at least) only. But for most guys this is more of an honor than a burden.
For females that theory does not seem to apply in the same manner. Upon interviewing a few females, I discovered that some girls like a guy who has had a chance to hone his skills. They would rather have experience than viridity. I also found that sometimes females see male virgins who are in their 20's as being undesirable due to the fact that they have struck out during the first quartile of their life. It is as if they are unwilling to "take a chance" on a guy who has been previously passed over by others.
This really ties in to my previous post. Women are biologically programmed to avoid casual sex with virgins.

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