Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My second date with Sarah

Remember Sarah? I finally went on that second date with her. We wound up eating another full course meal at an expensive Upper West Side restaurant, setting me back another $100. (I saved $20 this time by not ordering desert.)

At the end of the date, I didn't get any "buy signals" like I got the last time. I think that maybe she is put off by the virginness that I radiate. Or maybe she just uses men for expensive dinners and figures she can milk each guy for two expensive dates.

Tomorrow I have a date with this fat girl. Now I know that some of my female readers will think it's offensive to use the term "fat girl," but really how else do I describe her? "Big girl," "large girl," 5'8" and maybe as much as 200 lbs girl? It all means the same thing, and it's a very important aspect of who she is.

The fat girl is really into me, we were holding hands and hugging and stuff on the first date, I think I'm more comfortable with her because I know she's beneath me (figuratively so far), and I don't feel like I need to impress her. I can just be myself. But just myself isn't good enough for a pretty girl like Sarah who fancies eating out at expensive restaurants.

The fat girl is also actually quite a pleasant person to talk to. She has two Ivy League degrees, her MBA is from one of the most prestigious business schools in the country, so she's quite smart and she has a very good job. If any of that stuff was actually important to men, she'd be a primo catch and she'd never be interested in me.

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