Monday, March 13, 2006

Blame the fat ugly apprentice

In last week's episode of the Apprentice, Stacy, a pretty woman, develops an intence animosity for Brent who is fat and ugly. Probably the reason she hates him is because he's fat and ugly. Brent confronts her away from the others and tells her to stop cutting him off, and then she tells the group that Brent "threatened" her. Everyone sides with the pretty girl, and they all blame Brent for their team's failure. It seems to me that the apprentices are acting like a bunch of kindergarten kids, ganging up on the kid who is different.

Dondald Trump sees that Brent was not the real reason the team lost the task, and he thinks Stacy is full of shit for pretending to be threatened by a fat ugly laywer when Stacy is a defense attorney and deals every day with genuine criminals. So Stacy and Pepe the project manager get fired, and Brent sticks around. Of course Donald doesn't want a fat ugly apprentice working for him either, but Trump always keeps the colorful people around for the first half of each season because they are good for ratings.


Commenter said:

"girls don't date guys who hate girls."
That is not true. Getting women has nothing to do with hating them or not. Misogyny is nothing to be proud of, but it has nothing to do with sexual success (some of the biggest womanizers were and are misogynists, but alot of them aren't).
He (I'm guessing that he's a he because women just don't seem to get it) makes an excellent observation.

I was thinking about that comment and I was thinking of all the scumbags who have lots of sex with women, such as Robert Chambers, the Preppy Murderer, who had lots of sex with women, but I find it hard to believe that he didn't hate women based on the fact that he raped and killed of of them.

That's a lesson about the type of men women really want to have sex with versus the type that they pretend to like in the comments they leave on blogs.

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