Friday, November 4, 2005

Virginal Apprentice

Thursday's episode of The Apprentice demonstrates the antipathy that the world has for virgins. Twenty-two year old Adam is the project manager for his team. The project this week is to design and teach an adult education class. Over his objections that he doesn't feel comfortable with the topic, his team decides to teach "Sex at Work." Adam's lack of comfort with the topic seems a source of amusement for the other members of the team, especially Alla the 31 year-old multi-millionaire spa owner. I think the whole thing amounted to borderline sexual harrassment. That's the way people would have seen it if the sexes were reversed.

Later in the Boardroom, Donald Trump bluntly asks Adam if he ever had sex, and from the way he fumbled with saying that he didn't feel comfortable answering the question, it's obvious that the answer was "no." Only people who are virgins can undertand the shame that comes with being a virgin. Then Donald goes into a whole speech about how great sex is, as if he's really helping Adam by telling him that what he isn't getting is so wonderful. It's not like he's a virgin by choice. Meanwhile, Donald is far more supportive of Clay who comes out as a homosexual. Apparently, sticking one's penis up other guys' anuses is considered more normal than never having stuck it anywhere at all.

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